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2nd Lieut Robert P. Donlin

Even though he was married and had a baby daughter at home, Robert Donlin enlisted in the U.S. Army in May 1942, completed his officer’s training at Fort Benning, Georgia, and became a second lieutenant in the 84th Infantry Division. Robert was the oldest of thee boys, son of an Irish immigrant, Patrick, and Margaret Donlin from Hazleton, Pennsylvania, a hilly town of coal mines and dress factories. Robert also had an older sister, Marie. Robert’s mother, Margaret, died in 1924 of tuberculosis, so as was customary at the time, an unmarried aunt came to live with the family to help raise the children. All three boys later served in World War II. Robert’s younger brother, John, graduated from St. Gabriel’s High School in 1937, where he was honored as the “Ideal Catholic Boy” of his class. John also enlisted in the Army in 1942 and served as a medic in the 90th Infantry Division. John was killed on July 7, 1944, during the vicious hedgerow fighting in Normandy. Robert was killed four and a half months later on November 24, 1944, in an attack near Lindern, Germany. Paul, the youngest brother, was serving as a seaman in the Pacific but was sent home as the sole-surviving son after his two older brothers were killed. Robert and John Donlin are buried today, side by side, at the Netherlands American Cemetery at Margraten. On Memorial Day, we honor and remember all Americans who died in the service of their country, like the Donlin brothers from Hazleton, PA. (Photo courtesy of Peggy Donlin Slapcinsky, daughter of Robert and Lucille Donlin). #brothersinarmsbook#memorialday#ABMC#pavets