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Brothers In Arms

The Brothers in Arms Project tells the stories of more than 200 sets of brothers buried side-by-side in American WWII Cemeteries Overseas.
In American WWII cemeteries overseas there are more than 200 sets of brothers buried side-by-side.

The goal of this project is to tell their stories and remember their sacrifices.

Many people have heard of Arlington National Cemetery but most Americans don’t realize that there are 26 permanent American military cemeteries overseas. These cemeteries are managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission (AMBC) and are incredibly inspiring places to visit. About forty percent of American families chose to have their fallen sons buried overseas in these cemeteries rather than have them returned home. Of the fourteen cemeteries devoted to World War II, I have visited eleven of them.

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In addition to highlighting the stories of these heroic brothers on this website, we will also publish a 200-300 page ”Coffee Table” book featuring profiles of the brothers, their lives on the home front and their heroism on the battlefield. The book will feature stunning photos of the 14 American WWII cemeteries in 8 countries. We will also include historic photos of the brothers themselves, literally “putting a face to the name” and share their personal letters, telegrams and other mementos that defined their life at home and in the war. We will also track down the brothers’ ancestors and ask them to tell the stories of the ones they left behind.

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